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Bridgend Limited 

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90 ball, 75 ball, 5 Line Bingo and Flash Fives

About Posh Bingo

Posh Bingo was first launched in 2008 but was revamped in March 2012 and so has an exciting and relatively new look which has a girly feel and looks professional. If you are a new player you can enjoy the fantastic bonus of depositing just £10 and receiving a 250% wager which means you will have £35 to play with. If you fancy playing free games to get a feel for it, Posh Bingo puts on free games every hour which newbies can enjoy. The minimum deposit at any one time with Posh Bingo is £5 and although the site is popular and usually busy with players, if a game has 3 or less participants it will be cancelled and your tickets refunded. The more players in the game, the bigger the jackpot  – so you might enjoy playing at prime time! Previous users of Posh Bingo have commented on its VIP feel and friendly offers!

Registration Process

Signing up to Posh Bingo couldn’t be easier, and you are definitely in for a treat with your bonuses as a new player. The newbie non-funded room also means that you can take three days of new games to get used to how each one is played without risking any money. 

registration process

Above are the details that you are required to provide when signing up for Posh Bingo – you must confirm that you are over the legal age of 18 and that you have read all of the terms and conditions. The next step will be entering your card details and depositing money to receive your bonus. 

Deposits and Withdrawals 

If you have registered you can view your account details at any time in the ‘My Posh’ tab, including any transaction history and the balance that your account stands at. If your balance is low or zero, it is time to deposit some more money to play with. 

my posh account

If you want to deposit or withdraw money from your account, head to the ‘cashier’ page of the website and fill out your card information (if you haven’t already). Posh Bingo will accept all major credit cards, Paypal or wire transfer, so payment method is completely up to you. The minimum amount that you can deposit is £5 and the minimum that you can withdraw is £10. 

deposit and withdrawals

Bingo Games 

Here is a brief explanation of the three main types of games that are available to play on Posh Bingo, each are played slightly differently, all with great opportunities to win big amounts of money.

90 Ball

90 ball game

Purchase your bingo tickets before the game begins and play bingo the traditional way. 90 ball bingo is probably the most well known form of bingo and is the traditional way of playing in the UK. If you play 90-ball bingo online, you will have your tickets laid out in front of you and the bingo caller will call the numbers at random (in the traditional bingo style of play). If you have the number on your ticket it will be marked off. The 90 ball bingo game allows for three different winners, the first being the person to make a line with their numbers, the second the person that gets two lines and the third prize awarded to whoever gets a full house. The jackpot available in the games depends on the amount of players on Posh Bingo at the moment, and the type of game that it is.


The aim of this dominantly American game is to get all of your numbers together in a pre-determined pattern. There are 75 numbers in the game in total with the middle square of each ticket being a ‘free’ square, meaning that it can count for any number. There is a large variety of winning patterns available in a 75-ball bingo game so it would be impossible to say what pattern you need to make, until the game begins. 

5-Line Bingo

This is the most fast paced out of the bingo games and definitely not for the faint-hearted. Available at specific times of the day for Posh Bingo’s adrenaline seekers this Swedish version of bingo has one simple aim; to cover lines horizontally or diagonally. You can win  1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 lines – it just depends on how lucky you get!

Flash Fives

This is a new and exciting game that has come to Posh Bingo and is described as having quick wins and fast gameplay. The big difference is that the game is played with playing cards rather than numbered tickets, with each ticket instead being called a ‘hand’ and consisting of five playing cards. The bingo caller will call out playing cards at random and if the card is in your hand it will be covered by a chip. The first player to cover all five cards wins. Full tutorials for this are available on the Posh Bingo website. Like other games, the prize is determined by how many tickets have been bought for the game. Keep an eye on the clock in the corner that indicates when the game is starting – you don’t want to miss it!

flash fives
flash fives

Other Games

Fancy a break from the bingo? Some of the other games available to play on Posh Bingo are just as exciting – if you fancy a change!

Instant Win

Cappucino Keno is Posh Bingo’s instant win game and it is a quick and exciting way to win some money. Simply pick your numbers from one to fifteen from 80 choices and remember that the more numbers you hit, the more money you will be paid. So quick and easy it can be played whilst sipping a cappucino!

instant win games


Slot games

A popular alternative to bingo, there are plenty of slot games to choose from on the site, simply choose whichever one you fancy and follow the instructions to play.


Casino games

Massive jackpots and life-like graphics make for an exciting game in the Posh Bingo casino and you can decide how big you want to play. Stakes can be bought for as little as £1 or as much as £10, so the risk that you take is truly up to you! The game has a fun feel and should not be taken too seriously – as with any gambling. If you hit all 10 of your numbers within the time you can win up to a maximum of £100, 000!

Customer Support 

If you have any questions or an issue arises whilst you are using Posh Bingo there are a number of ways you can receive support.


If you would like to speak to a member of the customer service team then you can call Posh Bingo on 0808 238 9898.


Posh Bingo do not have an email address but provide an enquiry form on their website where you can fill out your personal details as well as the details of the issue/complaint/question that you may have.

Live Chat

The bingo chat rooms are a fun way to get to know other players and get a sense of the community spirit that surrounds Posh Bingo – as well as getting involved with the healthy competition! As well as chatting to other players, there is also always a moderator present that can answer any of your questions. To make sure that you understand all that is being said, why not visit the ‘Bingo Lingo’ page on the Posh Bingo website, that translates some tricky terms!


‘Posh Bingo makes you feel like a VIP when playing!’

‘Posh Bingo has me hooked! The games are really easy to get the hang of and the graphics are great’

’10/10 Bingo site – especially love playing Flash Fives, my fave game!’

‘Could be more bingo games’


  • Minimum Deposit: £5
  • Minimum Withdrawal: £10
  • 250% bonus for new players

Feel like a VIP when you play posh bingo with a great range of games to choose from including the new and exciting Flash Fives. The site is growing in popularity since its makeover in 2012 and is normally busy throughout the day and even more so in the evenings.